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Social Impact

Designers Creativity
Shoemakers Knowhow
Final Customer Needs & Desire

What is By Maria Foundation?

Walking With Sense Colombia is the first Foundation of By Maria. Our goal is to reduce the poverty and increase the quality of life of our shoemakers. Our main strategies are: to strengthen the capacity of shoemakers and to increase the social inclusion in Colombia.

What is By Maria?

We are a design talent visibilization, shoemaker evolution and recognition platform, that works by happy clients that are willing to wear our shoes and allow us to keep doing what we do: share value and values with the world. coming soon Summer 2018

“By Maria is something that cannot be divided, because if it separates it will no longer function in the same way.

It is a complex system, contained in a wrapping as the human body:

Its feet represent our final clients who are the base and sustain the body. The right foot is one our fashionista, color lover, and the left foot our rational and sustainable client.

Its hands represent our designer and shoemakers. The right hand it is our passionate, intuitive and sensitive designer. The left hand it's our precise, analytic and energetic shoemaker.

The heart is our Foundation looking after the well being of all. And its head, the By Maria team, the engine that keeps them bonded and in constant development.”

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