By Maria Associated companies


Drasko Stikovac CEO

When we heard about the idea behind ByMaria, we were more than happy we could help such a great goal, which nowdays is not something you see often. Being part of the team working on ByMaria website was something special for us at Eutelnet.

Flying CFO

Financial Advisor Switzerland

Audrey Milesi (CEO)

The project that By Maria represents appealed to me immediately as I see great potential in empowering and connecting people with know-how to customers globally via the Internet. As a woman entrepreneur, I welcome witnessing women getting into businesses with vision and I am proud to be able to assist By Maria in my area of expertise.


Director Advisory

Erwin Frank Barentsen

PwC, as a professional service firm, has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to offer to people and institutions within our communities. When PwC offered the possibility to a corporate volunteering opportunity in 2016, I joined and was paired as a mentor to By Maria. It has been an amazing process for me since then to contribute By Maria over the past years to its launch and its growth. I very much believe that social entrepreneurs can impact the world positively and sustainable and I am happy I can continue contributing.


Agency Colombia

Andrés Jiménez – Diego Cornego – Cynthia Guevara

Como agencia, siempre hemos creído en el poder que tienen la comunicación y el diseño para generar una transformación desde los hábitos de las personas, y sabemos que estos hábitos, bien encaminados, pueden generar un gran impacto social. Es precisamente este factor el que nos ha impulsado a poner nuestra experiencia al servicio de ByMaria ya que vemos el gran potencial que tiene el proyecto para lograr un cambio positivo enfocado en mejorar la calidad de vida de cada una de las personas que de alguna u otra manera estamos vinculados con ByMaria y su sueño de transformar la sociedad.

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