By Maria Team


Catalina Jossen

By Maria CEO & Founder- Switzerland

Walking With Sense Foundation Founder – Colombia

“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do” Voltaire

The thought behind this quote was the wake-up call for me. My accumulated experience as well as my sensitivity to social inequality, compelled me to show that it was possible to develop an economically viable production model that was fair and sustainable. I believe By Maria represents a new voice on what globalization and the interconnected world actually mean. I believe in building together and challenging traditional structures.

Libia García de Cardozo

By Maria Foundation General Manager

Co-founder Walking With Sense Foundation Colombia

Apostarle a una utopía es un reto, por eso me ilusiona hacer parte de un proyecto único, imaginativo, justo, ambicioso y ante todo humano, eso es By Maria. Es tener la confianza que el mundo aprenderá a “caminar con sentido”, es decir, que cuando las personas calcen un par de zapatos sepan quién los diseñó, quiénes y cómo los producen y dónde los manufacturan, que son el resultado de un sistema dinámico y coordinado.

Gabriela Altamirano

Social Impact / Sustainability Director

By Maria COO & Co-founder

Co-founder Walking With Sense Foundation Colombia

The values represented by By Maria correspond to the values that guide me every day and are those that I try to transmit to people around me. For me to work in and for By Maria it fills me with pride and encourages me to continue striving, with the goal of achieving a positive change in the world. I believe that it is possible to achieve an improvement in the quality of life of all the people which are part of this project, that is why I believe 100% in this project.

Andrei Santoyo

Production Director

Co-founder Walking With Sense Foundation Colombia

By Maria es la unión de todos los factores que hacen que el calzado sea un arte, el arte con pasión, pasión que siento con todo lo que pasa en By maria, pasión de compartir, pasión al crear productos con amor, pasión porque cada calzado es para una persona en especial, siento que con mi trabajo lograré sentir de manera diferente el sector y de impactar con innovación en los procesos.

Liliana Abaunza

Production Director Assistant

Walking With Sense Foundation Colombia

By Maria es un juego de ganar y ganar, es encontrarme en un espacio donde siento que podemos hacer la diferencia, un espacio para crear y aprender. Suena soñador pero es un proyecto real en el cual estoy feliz y agradecida de pertenecer.

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Alfredo Luis Gonzales

Brand Director

By Maria

My first contact with By Maria was an invitation to design shoes. Who would say no to such an offer? Shoes are simply one of the most fascinating items created by humans. Not only just a fashion accessory, but an indispensable part of our lives. Some may even consider them a second skin. But By Maria is not only about shoe design. It’s about a bigger social impact. The closely interconnected process between designers and shoemakers, the customer’s needs, and always taking care of the environment. It’s also about the human experience and constantly learning what goes on behind the scenes. This is exactly what I value most about now being part of the team.

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